Hum Mashal-e-Rah Foundation (HMR) was founded on a beautiful Wednesday morning on 18th August 2017 to work for the betterment of (Blinds, Deaf & Mute, Wheelchair Users, Slow Learners, Down Syndrome, Autistic, ADHD, Ataxia & Dyslexia) in addition Girl’s education in rural Pakistan.

Hum Mashal-e-Rah Foundation bifurcated its dream with a vision, mission to achieve it at every level to the finest details, through following Projects:

  • Maskan in Nasheman: An Institute for disabled persons ages (18 – 50 years) – In collaboration with Social Welfare Department Punjab: Its, Pakistan’s First state of the Art Rehabilitation Centre, Vocational training Institute and Skill’s Development Center for People with Disabilities (PWDs) catering (Blind, Deaf & Mute, Physically Challenged & Slow Learners) all under one roof.
  • Mashal-e-Noor in Chaman: An Institute for Mentally Challenged Children (4-16 years) – In collaboration with Social Welfare Department Punjab (Project is Under Renovations to be Inaugurated soon). It will be state of the Art institute. This Institute aims at developing intellectual and physical abilities of children with special needs through advanced range of Therapies and Life Skills based Training programs.
  • Project Mashal-e-Iqra: A Project based upon establishing schools for formal girls’ education with inclusion in rural areas of Punjab. Learning through Internships and Teachers Training programs and Parents Support Groups.
  • Project Mashal-e-Shifa: This project aims at providing Free Medicines, Free Medical Camps, Free Medical Assistive Devices for PWD’s.
  • Sar-e-Rah: A project working towards accessibility of (PWD’s) in buildings, Metros, Railway Stations, Bus Stations, Markets etc to make movement easy and accessible for (PwD’s) such as Entryway ramps, Washrooms, Rest Areas (waiting lounges) etc
  • Mashal-e-Rah Solutions: Consultancies and collaborations with NGO’s and corporate organizations.


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Hum Mashal-e-Rah Foundation (HMR) is a rehabilitation home for individuals with special needs in collaboration with the Social Welfare Department, Government of Punjab.

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890 Q, Street 27, Avenue 9, Phase 7, DHA, Lahore

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