Total Support Requested for 2023. to Support a Child for following CP, ADHD, ASD, ASP, BS, MDY, SL, Independent Art of Living & Skills Development.

Total Support Requested till 31st December 2023 for PKR 21 Million

9 Million Achieved so far
PKR 0 PKR 21,00,0000

HMR Bright Beginnings:   A state-of-the-art Institute introducing International Curriculum for 13 years plus children for promoting Rehabilitation Art of Independent Living and skills development towards financial empowerment.

We shall be conducting two stages evaluation and assessment of the student: 

First stage evaluation and assessment: Initial assessment shall be based upon a detailed history-based assessment and evaluation for developing objective driven IEPS for two months. 

Second stage evaluation and assessment after two months: A detailed evaluation and progress/performance based Individual Education Program (IEP)  

  Services Offered:

  • Independent Living (Self grooming, socializing and outdoor activities)
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Kitchen Gardening
  • Fitness and Yoga
  • Self Defense
  • Arts and Craft
  • Music
  • Academics
  • Quiet Room
  • Sensory Areas
  • Computes (Web and social media)
  • Skills Development towards financial independence
  • Counselling and trainings of mothers
  • Trainings of caregivers

Therapies Offered:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupation Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Behavioral Therapy

Mashal-e-Noor in Chaman: – In collaboration with Social Welfare Department Punjab
An Institute for Mentally Challenged Children (4-16 years) (Project is Under Renovations to be Inaugurated soon). It will be state of the Art institute. This Institute aims at developing intellectual and physical abilities of children with special needs through an advanced range of Therapies and Life Skills based Training programs.

  • Cost of Sponsoring a child at Mashal-e-Noor in Chaman, Number of students, Various Therapies, Trainings & Development Activities shall be shared after the Inauguration of the Institute
  • Mashal-e-Noor at Children Library Complex – In collaboration with Schools Education Department Punjab: This project is inclusive in nature through mother support group, which aims to develop the intellectual and physical abilities of children with special needs through advanced range of Therapies and Life Skills based Training programs.

Mothers Support group: is an integral part of learnings for the improvement of Special Needs Children with innovative ideas and solutions and sharing of learnings based upon child’s individual behavior and finding solutions for remedies and sharing of knowledge at large.
Various Therapies, Training & Development Activities are conducted for physical health development & healthy minds development) as follows:

Per Month Financial Support per Child

Sr. NoNameAgeDisabilityAchievements
1Ayesha Irfan4Cerebral PalsyShe started walking independently. She listens and follows directions well. Social behavior was also improved.
2Abdul Habib8Cerebral PalsyIncrease independence. Expand range of motion. Improve muscle tone. Reduce physical discomfort and pain. Speech of 2 words achieved.
3Hania Amir4Cerebral palsyOvercome physical limitations. Social behavior was improved. Decrease muscle spasticity.
4Hareem Zahra4Hearing impairment / Speech delayEye contact improved. Social behavior was improved. Achieved speech of one sentence.
5Aban Khurram6ADHDSitting achieved. Eye contact improved. Aggressive behavior become controlled.
6Subhan8Down syndromeSitting achieved. Behaviour improved. Started speech normally and confidently. Learn to ask questions.
7Minahil12AutismAble to follow verbal instructions. Level of concentration was improved. Sitting improved.
8Alisha10AutismDeveloping self-help skills. Enjoys learning. Started following instructions.
9Khadija9Down syndromeToilet training achieved. Motor skills improved. ADLS improved. Emotionally stabled.
10Mohammed Mustafa10Cerebral palsyMuscle tone improved. Started walking independently. Overcome physical limitations. Decreased joint contractures.
11Emaan4Speech delay and behavioural issueSocial skills achieved. Started working in groups. Aggressive behavior improved. Speech achievement.
12Manha4.5Physically delayed / Speech delayKnee walk achieved. Neck holding started. Started speech of three four words.
13Fariha8Cerebral palsyBone deformities decreased. Joint contractures decreased. Expand range of motion.
14Ajwa shahid9No speech / Behavioral issueStarted independent speech. Recognition of alphabets and numbers. Actively participate in different social tasks and activities.
15Shafay shahid10AutismSitting achieved. Social behavior was improved. Started doing school work. Aggressive behavior was diminished.
16Farhan8Cerebral palsyExpand range of motion. Improve muscle tone. Increase physical fitness, flexibility, balance and posture.
17Hira butt13AutismSpeech achieved. Started writing on notebooks. Actively participate in class tasks. Ask questions confidently.
18Wania baber5Behavioral issue / Speech delaySpeak one _three words. Socially interact in different tasks. Enjoy coloring and art work. Social interaction improved.
19Ibraheem10Delayed milestonesStarted writing without dots. Recognized alphabets and numbers and write them independently. Socially try to involve in other activities.
20Abdul hadi4No walk / Speech delayEncourage eye contact. Learn to ask questions. Walking independently achieved. Speech improved. Increase independence.

Success Stories

Success Stories
By the blessings of Almighty Allah and dedication and devotion by Hum Mashal-e-rah Foundation Team Out of 100’s of students who gotten into the main stream schools after successfully getting/completing treatments and  therapies from Hum Mashal-e-Rah Foundation at Children Library Complex  few success stories for an overview:

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Hum Mashal-e-Rah Foundation (HMR) is a rehabilitation home for individuals with special needs in collaboration with the Social Welfare Department, Government of Punjab.

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